CYCAD GARDENS of EUDLO is located in the Hinterland of South East Queensland, set amongst rolling hills. It covers 6 acres of landscaped rockeries with raised gardens connected by concrete paths.  Scattered throughout the garden are concrete sculptures and oil paintings of African cycads and aloes in habitat.


The gardens specialise in cycads of the world with the main feature being Encephalartos – the cycads of Africa. Cycads consist of 11 families and some 360 separate species.  At Cycad Gardens of Eudlo, visitors can see almost 300 separate species of cycads and thousands of other unusual plants. The botanical collection consists of over 3,000 individual specimens which were either imported or grown from seed over the last 26 years. The collection of Encephalartos covers 60 species and is one of the most complete collections.  Many of the plants are now mature and the garden produces seed and seedlings which are distributed throughout Australia and exported on special permits to many different countries. 


Cycad Gardens of Eudlo also feature around 200 species of cactus, 50 species of aloes, 30 species of Euphorbia’s and many species of Agaves, Yuccas,  and other succulents.  More recently, Peter has become interested in Bromeliads and we now have over 5,000 Bromeliads displayed throughout the gardens.  We also have many rare flowering trees including 6 species of Boabs from Madagascar and other unusual plants to numerous to mention. 


Cycads can live to more than a thousand years in age and are one of the most fascinating and spectacular additions to any garden.  Some cycads have deep blue leaves and make stunning feature plants.  They will grow happily in a pot or in the ground and give the owner immense pleasure. 


If you’re a garden group, a plant lover, or interested in growing your own cycad and you find yourself visiting South East Queensland, you are most welcome to come and view the gardens by appointment. We also cater to photography shoots and artists groups. Just contact Peter by email at, fax 07-5445 0272, or telephone 07-5445 0496, to arrange a time & date.